Hello, my name is Dimas Ramirez, I'm messaging you regarding my daughter Blanca Ramirez. She's 14 years old right now, but at age 11, she began to do long distance running, she knew she could do more then just run, so she decided to run a charity.

She ran for Operation Smile, Operation Smile is a none profit organization that helps children worldwide suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate at no charge.
她為一家叫Operation Smile的非盈利性組織跑步,這個組織旨在無償幫助全球范圍內的唇腭裂兒童。

My daughter believe that no child should be without a smile, so to help even more, she took her running even further, she went on a journey on becoming the youngest female in the world to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in the name of Operation Smile, she raised money & awareness to this organization.

She completed her journey by age 12 on February 19, 2015.

But she's not done, she now continues to help inspire others by running.One person she inspired so much, is her little brother Jordan, he is 7 years old, & has runned to this day, 105x 5k's , 11x 10k's , & 4x half marathons. He will be running all 7 continents too along with Blanca, starting in November 2017 in Australia.

They both plan to continue helping others, & maybe one day getting an Olympic medal... Thank you for your time...